paint brushesArt Supplies Used in Therapy

People can use art supplies during therapy sessions to help them improve their mental wellbeing.

Art therapy is a method of psychotherapy that combines traditional theories and techniques and gives people the opportunity to express themselves through the use of art supplies such as paints, chalk and markers.

This form of therapy is open to everyone because those people who are referred to an art therapist do not need previous experience or skill in using art supplies to create works.

Art therapy gives psychiatrists an insight and better understanding of how people suffering from mental conditions related to others and the world around them.

Dr Cathy A. Malchiodi said: "Art making is seen as an opportunity to express oneself imaginatively, authentically, and spontaneously, an experience that, over time, can lead to personal fulfilment, emotional reparation, and transformation."

Using art supplies can help people get through stressful situations as painting can prove calming and focus the mind on creating something positive rather than worrying about negative issues.

Hollywood actress Lindsey Lohan was spotted buying art supplies earlier this year just days before she was due to spend 90 days in jail followed by a further 90 days at an in-patient rehab facility.

Health educator Elizabeth Scott has said that using art supplies can take your mind off stress for a short time and when you this is over you should be able to tackle problems with a clear head.

Ms Scott went onto say that using art supplies as a hobby can help provide someone with a more balanced lifestyle as painting will give someone the opportunity to be by themselves for a period of time.

She said: "With drawing, you have the additional benefit of being left with something beautiful (or at least interesting) to show for it!"

Ms Scott added that keeping a sketchbook is a great way to relieve stress because you can describe your feelings and emotions through the medium of art which can make problems seem less worrying.

Creating abstract pictures that express stressful feelings is a great way of processing emotions which can aid mental healing and improve overall wellbeing and this can be done through a 'dream sketch diary'.

Sketching scenes from dreams that you would like to remember or better understand can help people relax and encourage their creative streak. Another positive sketch diary to assist stress management could include a book of images of beauty, according to Ms Scott.

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